iPower Under 30

Avohom grew up fascinated with politics and government and calling of wanting to make a difference.

Known as a charismatic singer, songwriter, composer, and producer; Rivers Taylor has been said to be "Jack of all Trades."

The innovator behind Collect Worldwide and Innominate Entertainment, Lowe is a talented creative with a range of different skills and expertise.

At the age of 25, Shanel has been able to combine her love for fashion, fitness, and music into the career of her dreams.

Knoxx hopes to inspire others to be fearless through their creativity and is simply grateful for the ability to create.

Janna believes that success should be measured not by societal standards and pressure, but by our willingness to take the leap and cultivate the life of our wildest dreams.

With a heart for her generation, it has become her life's mission to ensure that Millennials know they are capable of laying hold of their God-given, purpose-filled lives, regardless of who they are, what they've done or where they come from.

Talya Cunningham is the Morning Reporter for ABC 8 News. She came from Charlottesville where she was a morning anchor and reporter for four years on the local CBS station.

Pastor Alvin L. Hill is a leader whose compassionate heart for the revitalization of rural communities, seeks to change the stories of those who were once simply surviving to that of those who are thriving spiritually, physically, economically, and mentally.

Chanel G created Stitch to give every woman a voice without words.

Driven by his passion for visual art, Shirod immersed himself in photography at a young age–which quickly became his driving force and outlet.

Chelsi Bennett currently serves as the Senior Policy Advisor to Richmond’s Chief Administrative Officer Selena Cuffee-Glenn. She is an attorney, motivational speaker, Bible teacher, and former elected official.