Cam Cooper

Cam Cooper’s journey began in Cleveland, Ohio back in 2005 … make it 2003. Alright, I’ll tell my story in first person. I was always a different kid, with an interest in making people smile. So I found that the easiest way has always been laughter. So naturally I found it easy to be a funny guy… I enrolled in the Ohio Center for Broadcasting and got an internship where I would get my start in the business with Radio One in Cleveland as a board op. I knew all along that I wanted to be on air and I would spend countless nights in the production studios making demos to get on the air. And one snowy day when a weekend jock couldn’t make it into the station, I finally got my shot. From there I grew into a stand out weekend personality in my hometown. It was more than I could ever ask for, and I truly developed a passion and respect for the art of radio. I taught myself how to do production and when the opportunity came my way to take a position as Imaging Director, Morning Show Producer, and On-Air Personality in Richmond … it was a “No-brainer”. I’ve lived in Virginia for 5 years perfecting my craft. So what’s next for me? Weeknights 7p to midnight!! It’s “The MisAdventures Of Cam Cooper. In my Super Hood (RVA)! And it’s the wildest radio show you’ll hear!! #SUPERHOOD I’m all about giving people that perspective you’d get from that one sarcastic, yet wild, and hilarious friend that most of us tend to have, that’s always doing, or in the middle of something. I’ve learned to say what I mean and make sure I do all I can to make a REAL CHANGE and get real results in the community – because life isn’t all fun and games. And did I mention that I’m a FOOODIE?! #CamVsFooD So when I’m not checking out or performing stand-up comedy … or kicking it with your favorite celebrities … or putting together a new meal/experience for you to enjoy … I'm just hanging in the Super Hood.. So join me !! Become a citizen !