A study says that 1-in-4 food delivery driver tastes your food on the way to bring it to you.

Black Tony spoke candidly. Sharing his affection for Gucci Mane, his disregard for IG trollers, his favorite corner store snack and more!

The 21-year-old is taking the music industry by storm and she hasn’t even released her first full album yet!

GM announced that they'd be closing 8 plants in America, along with cutting 14,000 employees.

Kim Porter ex of Bad Boy Records Founder P. Diddy has been found dead.

A serious athlete, The “Icy Girl” rapper discussed what it was like choosing music over athletics and how her college degree has helped her in the music industry.

Cities are resorting to new tactics to bring talent and diversity to their cities, and that includes bribing people with cash.

Migos is splitting up…into three so they can record solo projects! P.S. – They aren’t really splitting up. Quavo hinted at new music coming from himself, Offset and Takeoff while on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards. Quavo said, “We workin,’ we workin’ right now. Just be on the lookout.” He mentioned that […]

Nicki Minaj has been forced to cancel a strip club appearance after ticket sales exceed the capacity for Scores in New York. The Manhattan strip club was supposed to host Nicki’s SNL appearance after party but after ticket sales started to grow it was clear that the party would need to be moved. Minaj is […]

Gordon Ramsay is the king of letting restaurants and chefs know when their food isn’t good, now Ramsay shares tips on how you can determine if your going to have a good meal before you get your plate. “One thing that always alarms me is when you walk into a restaurant and you get a […]

  T.I. was arrested Wednesday morning in Henry County, Georgia. According to reports, T.I. was returning to the gated community where he lives at about 4:00 am. Police say he did not have his key and the security guard refused to let him in. Allegedly, T.I. told the guard, “Don’t you know who I am?” An […]

Rapper Cardi B recently released a song with Rita Ora, Bebe Rexha, and Charli XCX called “Girls”. The song was meant to be an anthem for bisexual women but instead, it caused an uproar within the LGBTQ community with members saying that the women used “bisexuality as a way to entice straight men.” Cardi’s verse […]