The ladies of Hopewell were selected to host Jackie Paige’s show on iPower 92.1/ 104.1 as winners of our Cheerleading Takeover competition.

The “Twerk” rapper shared how unexpected the success of the group has been. Even getting personal with Jackie on how it feels performing without her best friend.

Queen Naija is currently on tour and she’s spilling the beans on what it’s like being a working artist and a mom.

Auditions for American Idol are coming to Richmond! iPower partnered with our friends at ABC Channel 8 News for the “RVA Idol” contest. Talented performers from all around sent in audition material and five finalists were selected to do an in-studio performance before a small studio audience. iPower’s Jackie Paige and Channel 8’s Juan Conde […]

Are you going to let the person know they gave you too much change back or are you going to drive off with the extra money?

Many statistics say that children learn easier at a younger age, but when is too young?

A woman tells her date that she is saving sex for marriage. Her date tells the woman he is saving his finances for his wife.

We decided to test Tamar’s knowledge of her own lyrics with a little game we call Totally Tamar or Unfortunate Imposter!

Mike Classic stopped by the iPower studios to chop it up with The Mid-day Chick, Jackie Paige.

Vote for your favorite song from summer 2017!

Jackie loves that Richmond is a city that has so much to offer; from the cuisine, history, and people. Richmond is a place that she is proud to now call home.