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You ever read a story / current event and wonder… WHO RAISED SOME OF YA’LL?!

Welp, that was definitely the case for me. As I caught up on the current ongoing legal battle involving Vanessa Bryant, Wife of the late, Kobe Bryant.

She is currently suing the Los Angeles Count Sheriff’s Department. After a Sheriff took pictures of the deadly Helicopter scene that claimed the lives of not only Kobe Bryant, but his daughter Gianna and 7 others.

As you can imagine, the Families involved are livid after learning the Sheriff on scene not only took pictures. But allegedly shared them with others and claimed he thought it was “…funny.”

And can you guess what his defense is for his actions!?

He doesn’t have one! But instead he allegedly stated he “…didn’t do anything wrong.”And that it is common practice for police officers to take pictures of deceased people and send them to one another.

Bruuh. WTF.

What has the world come to? Taking a picture of anyone deceased and sharing it regardless of their celebrity status is disrespectful, disgusting, and slight psycho killer vibes. Because who WANTS to see that kind of stuff.

Ya’ll sound off in the comments and let me know how ya’ll feel. Because how I view it. This Sheriff is likely a Father. And if this is how he acts and thinks. What is he raising his kid to say / do think ? I’m scared for us!