You ever read a story / current event and wonder… WHO RAISED SOME OF YA’LL?! Welp, that was definitely the case for me. As I caught up on the current ongoing legal battle involving Vanessa Bryant, Wife of the late, Kobe Bryant. She is currently suing the Los Angeles Count Sheriff’s Department. After a Sheriff […]

Looks like Vanessa Bryant has had a change of heart. The wife of basketball superstar Kobe Bryant has filed documents to end the break-up. The…

Vanessa Bryant will not sign documents that would make her divorce final, yet. Apparently, Kobe and Vanessa are trying to work everything out that caused her to file for the divorce back in December. As seen before the Lakers season ended, the two spend a lot of time together, but do not officially live together […]

Now that Vanessa Bryant is divorced from Kobe Bryant, she’s become the prime target for the executives of VH1’s “Basketball Wives.” TMZ reports that Vanessa Bryant will be made an “offer she can’t refuse” to join “Basketball Wives LA.” Vanessa Bryant Has Three Mansions Here Producers will intend on making her the lead cast member for […]

“Kobe ’bout to lose a hundred fifty M’s. Kobe my nigga I hate it, had to be him. B***h you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym.” -Drake Vanessa Bryant cashed in on Kobe Bryant‘s fortune, allegedly raking in $75 million after their divorce settlement. Not only did she receive (almost) half his wealth, she […]

Vanessa Bryant‘s divorce from Kobe may not be final until 2012, but that’s not stopping her from spending some personal time with another professional athlete. She was recently spotted in Marina Del Rey, CA enjoying a meal with boxer Victor Ortiz, and they seemed very familiar with each other. If the reports about them dating are […]

Kobe Bryant has many people to blame for his wife Vanessa hearing about his alleged cheating.

Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, is rumored to be pitching a reality show to a few networks. But not without bashing Lamar Odom’s wife, Khloe Kardashian’s, show first.

Remember when Kobe & his wife Vanessa was sued by their now ex-maid Maria Jimenez? The maid claimed Vanessa was incredibly abusive – even demanding that she put her hand in a bag of dog feces to retrieve a tag from her blouse.