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Tory Lanez is once again back in the headlines for something other than a Song. And this time it involves the current litigation going down between him and a couple. Who are suing the Singer for allegedly hitting their vehicle back on New Years Day in 2021 and taking off without checking on the victims […]

Kanye West has officially been CANCELLED! Now, it’s not to say Kanye hasn’t had cancel worthy moments in the past. But his latest stunt officially takes the cake. As he was spotted at his latest Yeezy SZN 9 Fashion Show sporting a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt. SMH. Whether it was for attention or because he […]

Now… I have never really SEEN IT for Joe Budden. You know… with his history of “alleged” domestic abuse. How he treated his old Podcast Host Rory and Mal. And just kinda in general.  He doesn’t seem like my kind of guy. But with the release of this audio from a now deleted podcast. My […]

Ya’ll know Caresha don’t play about “her man, her man, her man.” And it looks like Diddy doesn’t play about her either. As she is set to be featured on the Moguls latest single, ‘Gotta Move On Remix’. Diddy went live and cryptically announced the Remix while having the song play in the background. He […]

The City Girls are officially up +1000 points after this latest flex! Rapper, Yung Miami took to Instagram to post picture of a White Maybach truck wrapped in a big red bow with the caption “Thank You Papi”. And for those of you unfamiliar. “Papi” is the nickname Caresha gave Diddy. So it’s safe to […]

Nicki Minaj is back trending, and this time. It’s not even her fault! Last night, the Rapper made history as the first ever Female to headline the Rolling Loud Concert that took place in New York. And a video is currently going viral which seemingly shows a fan in the crowd pulling at the Artist, […]

Da Baby is clearly struggling to save his sinking career with his latest publicity stunt. Where he name drops Meg the Stallion and talks about having “relations” with the Female MC. Now this is beyond disappointing because I really loved Da Baby. He gave me Real N**** vibes! But this whole kissing and telling business […]

The “Baddest” aka Trina has taken her talents from Hip Hop to Wrestling! This, made evident by her appearance this past week in a wrestling match up through Ali Elite Wrestling. Which is also the second largest wrestling organization behind the WWE. At any rate, the Rapper stood alongside Wrestler, Diamante in an effort to […]

Ya’ll… I’m starting to believe the character Tyrese Gibson played in the movie Babyboy. Might have not been “acting” at all . As the singer continues to find himself in drama with now Ex-Wife, Samantha Gibson. Following a nasty divorce and custody battle. Tyrese has taken to social media to address his Ex. In a […]

Oprah is a literal GOAT and pretty much anything she touches turns to gold. But she may have missed the mark in giving a platform to Tim Norman. Who starred in the OWN’s network Reality Show “Welcome to Sweetie Pies”. As he was just convicted of orchestrating the Murder for Hire plot against his nephew […]

If we know nothing else about Nick Cannon we know he loves racially “ambiguous” looking women. And he LOVES to have babies! But in an unexpected turn of events. The Wild n’ Out CEO has just welcome his 9th Child with every boys Crush from the early 2000. Former Model turned Photographer, Lanisha Cole. Now […]

Ray J has had the INNANET up in arms for the past 10 hours. Using a power point presentation to expose the famous Kardashian Family once and for all. Brandy’s Brother, is infuriated after a recent interview with Kris Jenner surfaced. Where the Matriach took a lie detector test to confirm she had nothing to […]