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Royce Reed calls in for ‘Girl Talk’ with TT Torrez on iPower 92.1 to chit-chat about what’s been going on this season on “Basketball Wives.”

Royce dishes to TT about distancing herself from her castmates and how on this season she turned her focus to her career. She also talks about her current relationships with Jennifer, Shaunie & Evelyn, how she feels about all the negative media attention “Basketball Wives” has been receiving AND you know TT had to ask if she and her NFL baller, Dezmon Briscoe are still together.

Check out the highlights: 

On why Shaunie refuses to film with her:

Royce says she has no idea what Shaunie is upset with her about. She reached out to Shaunie but never received a response. Royce then went on to say Shaunie has issues with her doing interviews but Royce says she’s only defending herself.

On her relationship with Jennifer Williams:

She says she and Jen are cool. They both apologized to each other and are moving forward.

On celebrities saying “Basketball Wives” promotes bullying:

Royce said at one time she quit the show because she felt it was going the wrong route. She said she fought to have producers show another side of her and that’s why we get to see other aspects of her verses just seeing her fuss and fight with her castmates.

Royce said the show was like a mirror for her and helped her to change her life for the positive.

On Tami’s actions on the past two episodes:

Royce said she sees where a lot of people are coming from when it comes to her attitude. Royce explained how she never took sides and said what Tami DID and how she reacted was wrong. She said there’s another side of Tami that’s loving and funny. She felt what she said about Tami was from the heart and was saying it as a friend.

On her having to be in a relationship and her relationship with her dad:

First Royce breaks down her previous relationships she has had on the show. She then talks about her relationship with her father explaining how it’s hard for her to talk to her dad because of the way he speaks to her. She credits the show for opening up a line of communication between her father and herself and they are now at peace.

On her relationship status with Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Dezmon Bryant:

She says she and Dezmon are good. As far as the situation that happened on Twitter between Dezmon’s baby mama and her, she says it was crazy. She claims although him texting her was wrong, Dezmon has NEVER cheated on her and that the whole situation was extremely messy. She said she’s not leaving him because the world is telling her so.

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