Trust wasn’t at the center of the relationship for one Arizona couple. This past Saturday night, Delia Flores was arrested for shooting her boyfriend several times, including in the genitals, when she suspected him of cheating. She called 911 after the shooting, originally withholding information on how he got shot. When police arrived, she eventually confessed that she […]

It’s ‘Paternity Test Tuesday’ on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” Alicia and Javen aren’t together anymore, because Alicia says Javen drove her nuts with his paranoia and clingy tendencies. He got her a phone on his plans but then demanded that he check her cell phone for text messages. Alicia thinks she got pregnant from […]

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Kehlani and Kyrie are back to being friends following the singer's near death.

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If you follow Love & Hip Hop star Cardi B., you know all about her prison bae Tommy.   There’s nothing identical to the bond twins share (no pun intended). For Anna and Lucy DeCinque, the strength of their bond bleeds into their relationships. That’s why they share a boyfriend now. “We’ve had separate boyfriends before, but they didn’t understand our closeness. Ben understands we want to be together all the time,” […]

Taraji P. Henson was spotted over the holidays out with a new boo- but is it real love?! According Gary With Da Tea, it just might be. Click…

In the latest episode of “The Daily Cray,” we look at a case ofcrazy-ass-boyfriend syndrome in Chicago. Check what happened when one delusional dude stepped to…

Heidi Klum recently told a German magazine that she’s in love with her new bodyguard boyfriend. (Scandalous, right?) Find out what the one and only Wendy Williams has to say about Heidi moving on so quickly after her ex-husband Seal, and what advice she has for Seal in the whole situation. RELATED LINKS: Seal & […]

Royce Reed calls in for ‘Girl Talk’ with TT Torrez on iPower 92.1 to chit-chat about what’s been going on this season on “Basketball Wives.” Royce dishes to TT about distancing herself from her castmates and how on this season she turned her focus to her career. She also talks about her current relationships with […]

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Pop prince Justin Bieber has decided to get his grown man swag  with some help from The Dirty South.  The Ying Yang twins appear on…

Royce Reed penned an open letter, via her VH1 blog, to both her fans AND to Christina Nero, the baby mama of her boyfriend Dezmon Briscoe ,who posted the cheat-worthy sexy texts he sent her. Not to mention the other chick who exposed Dez’s cheating messages to her as well. She blogged about the situation […]

So you’re thinking about going to the next level with the potential “boo” but there are a few things you might want to look into a little more to see if he can be the “man” you want him to be: