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So you’re thinking about going to the next level with the potential “boo” but there are a few things you might want to look into a little more to see if he can be the “man” you want him to be:

1. He’s still in school…getting his third Bachelor’s degree.

Since he’s trying for his 3rd bachelor’s he seems to be a man who is unsure of who he is and where he would like to go. This could mean he is not prepared to make long-term commitments. He may be bright but he needs more time to define his vision.

2. He still heads to Cancun for Spring Break.

Men aren’t partying with a whole lot of half naked under-grad students.

3. He’s unemployed by choice.

An able-bodied, unemployed man is a sign of pure laziness. Is that someone you want to spend the rest of your life with?

4. He’s over 25 and lives at home with his parents.

Think Baby Boy. He may be cute and nice, but babies and STDs are the only thing you can count on from Jody-types.

5. He follows Lil’ Wayne on Twitter.

After a certain age, retweeting @LilTunechi (unless you’re somehow related to the  entertainment industry) is a bit childish.  They don’t retweet rappers because they have jobs, reputations and other things that could be lost or tarnished.

6. His bro-circle is impenetrable.

When the bromance is too strong, it’s time to move on. If he was ready for a commitment with a woman he would put you first.

7. He’s ready for kids but not marriage.

Steer clear!!

8. He fights guys who “try” him.

Fighting is juvenile. A grown (or growing) man has too much to lose over nonsense.

via Madame Noire

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