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It’s been over a week since August Alsina collapsed and fell off stage during a concert, and he is still in the hospital. Although there hasn’t been many updates since he woke up from a 3-day coma earlier this week, his hospital room has seen a revolving door of supporters and celebrities stop by, including […]

This weekend, we got a special treat during the airing of Jay Z and Beyonce’s HBO On The Run tour special, as the Carters finally opened the door halfway for us to get a peek into their super-private lives. And it was beautiful! With a mash-up of Jay’s “Forever Young” and Bey’s “Halo” serving as […]

Remember last month when Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and dozens of other actresses had their nudes photos leaked online after their private information was hacked? Then there was Jill Scott a few weeks later. Now, some of our favs, like Gabrielle Union, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Meagan Good have been victimized by the hackers who […]

Keyshia Cole was arrested Friday morning for allegedly storming in to her boyfriend Birdman’s home at 5am and beating up a woman she presumed to be his mistress. Though Keyshia did not immediately speak on the arrest, she did make it out of jail on time to make an appearance as a presenter at Saturday’s […]

After the Minnesota Vikings suffered a huge loss on Sunday, team officials announced that Peterson would be reinstated for this Sunday’s upcoming game despite the arrest and child abuse chargers he incurred after brutally beating his 4-year-old son with a switch (tree branch). Naturally, this had folks in an uproar. Money definitely talks. After Radisson […]

Shortly after debuting the video for the remix to his single “No Love” featuring Nicki Minaj, and just a week after his 22nd birthday, August Alsina hit the stage in New York for what he thought would be business as usual. Unfortunately, mid-way through performing his song “Numb” August collapsed, fell off the stage and […]

Many of you have probably seen the hilarious Youtube video of an newscaster saying he f****ed a woman right in her pu**y, that later went viral. Obviously, you weren’t the only person who’s seen the video. Jameis Winston has too. He enjoyed it so much that he got suspended half of FSU’s game against Clemson […]

You may enter, but you may not come in, I have space, but no room, I have keys, but open no lock. What am I?

A sex tape of Iggy Azalea is being shopped around and the man shopping the video to Vivid is none other than Houston rapper Hefe Wine, known to many in Texas/Atlanta as Wine-O. He had a hit song a long time ago by the name of “Pop My Trunk”. A lot of Texans may remember […]

Just a day after a judge finding him not guilty of premeditated murder, Oscar Pistorius has been found guilty of culpable homicide and guilty of one of the unrelated charges for unlawfully firing a gun in a public place. The judge handed down the culpable homicide charge because she felt Pistorius was negligent and steps […]

Everyone has an opinion on the Ray Rice incident, even fellow professional athletes. Paul George, who should be spending his free time nursing his injury and saving coins for his break-baby child support payments, took to Twitter today in defense of Ray Rice and only made matters worse with a few dumb tweets. Similar to […]

Kanye West had to be rushed to the hospital yesterday during the Australian leg of his tour for a migraine as a precautionary measure. Around 2pm Kanye was rushed into the backdoor of Epworth Hospital in Richmond (Australia) to undergo an MRI. The rapper was put on to a stretcher before carried into the MRI […]