Although Tami and her castmates didn’t get to see Monday night’s episode of “Basketball Wives” due to filming the reunion, she had plenty to say about the fight that went down between her and Meeka Claxton.  Tami tells TT Torrez her side of how the fight started; she touched on Evelyn and Jennifer’s fight and whether “Basketball Wives” will come back for another season.

Tami says Meeka came on to the show and lied a lot. She said she was just giving her an opportunity to tell the truth to her face. Tami says she defended herself when she saw Meeka waving her hand.

She said “As we’re having this discussion all I see, which I have asked her not to do, was her getting ready to get up…ya know with her hand. Don’t put your hand up because I don’t know what you’re going to do. I don’t know if you’re going to swing at me. So I basically, you know, I have a defense mechanism that has always been apart of who I am and when I saw that hand…I snapped cause I’m like I don’t know what you’re going to do and I had to defend myself so that’s what y’all saw last night.”

She says she was angry that Meeka would talk behind her back and lie to her face. She can’t stand a liar and chooses not to associate herself with Meeka any longer.

Tami also talks about Suzie being caught in a hard place because the cast is allowed to choose whom they want to film with. With Shaunie, Evelyn and Jennifer no longer filming with Royce, Suzie is the liaison. Suzie is the type to tell each other what the other person(s) said about the other. She said she probably wouldn’t have gotten into the situation had Suzie not opened her mouth.

Tami said she found out about the lawsuit from her publicist who said she found it on MediaTakeOut. She said she found out the lawsuit was true at the reunion episode when Meeka made a comment saying she had a lawsuit but couldn’t speak on it. Tami said she was never served any documents.

Her thoughts on the letter that Meeka wrote to Shaunie, “Write it to somebody who gives a f*ck.”

Tami said it bothers her that the other girls don’t get along with Royce.

Tami said Evelyn waited to confront Jennifer on their trip to Italy because she was waiting for the interview to be sent to her so she can play it back to Jennifer when she confronts her.  She said Evelyn felt that Jennifer should have had her back more in the interview.

There will be a Season 4 of “Basketball Wives” but Tami says she’s not participating unless Meeka isn’t! She said VH1 will have to figure out who’s more valuable to the franchise because she is NOT working with someone who is suing her.