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We’re in the final throws and the last chance for many of us to make a decision about voting in Election 2012 and this week we’re looking back on the campaign journey thus far. Just a few days ago, President Barack Obama visited the Greater Richmond area to rally voters, showcase his leadership goals and […]

Superstar rapper T.I. continues his conversation with TT Torrez on his featured work in film and television. Tip describes the differences between doing movies and filming his hit reality TV showon VH1. T.I. also tells TT Torrez a little about how he’s handling his children’s growth and development in entertainment. RELATED LINKS: GIRL TALK: T.I. […]

T.I. talks about his collaborations on the new album “Trouble Man” including the work he did after his prison stint with Andre 3000 and a few other Hip Hop heavyweights. T.I. also reveals whether or not the new album is completely done. RELATED LINKS: GIRL TALK: T.I. Talks New Album “Trouble Man” T.I. Describes His Craziest Groupie […]

Superstar rapper T.I. joined us on the TT Torrez Show this week to discuss his brand new single “Love This Life” and forthcoming album “Trouble Man.” Listen below as T.I. give TT the real deal on the meaning behind the current project and find out what he thought when a fan of the show made […]

A unique aspect of marriage has come to the forefront of our latest edition of “Girl Talk” on The TT Torrez Show this week and it deals with a passive mama’s boy and his mother, with whom his new bride is having issues. Check out the details in the desperate email I just got from […]

First Tami speaks out, now her co-star on VH1’s Basketball Wives Kesha Nichols is ready to set the record straight, too. Kesha Nichols came on the show to respond to what Tami had to say about whether she’s sleeping with one of the producers. Kesha also talked about all the rumors surrounding her break-up at […]

Friend to the show Tami Roman called up TT Torrez to chit chat about this season of “Basketball Wives Miami.” You know TT had to ask Tami about Kesha Nichols and the race card issue and Tami had plenty to say defending herself on why she said what she said to Kesha. Tami dishes to […]

  17-year-old Trayvon Martin was murdered in a Florida gated community, by Neighborhood Watch volunteer, George Zimmerman.  The community and country is outraged by act. Reverend Al Sharpton has announced over his facebook and twitter, that he will travel to Sanford, Florida later on this week hold a rally for the Martin Family. Last month, […]

Brandy and Monica dropped by New York’s Power 105.1 to clear a few issues up. When the ladies first started their singing careers, they had “beef.” Monica explains that there was nothing ever going on between them. However, they did have artificial beef was cut for them. “They kind of create it first, and we […]

CNN) — A jury in Christiansburg, Virginia, decided Wednesday in favor of two families of victims in the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting who had accused the school of negligence. The seven-member jury awarded $4 million to each of the families, a spokesman for the state attorney general’s office said. In suing the state, the families’ […]

Initially, it was thought to be a harmless incident, but now Lindsay Lohan could be in hot water for allegedly striking a man with her Porsche and fleeing the scene. According to a report, the manager of the Hookah Bar next to the Sayers Club is now complaining that Lohan injured him when she drove […]

Brandon Marshall denies hitting a woman in the eye during the club. He states that his wife is the true victim because she was hit in the face with the bottle during the club. Sources say that around 4am Marshall was outside the club in Chelsea, New York when he got into an argument with […]