Meeka Claxton’s Big Confession Remember Meeka Claxton? Tami Roman’s sworn enemy on season 3 of “Basketball Wives.” The former reality star revealed that she was diagnosed…

Basketball Wives fans have started boycotting the show for the excessive bullying Tami and Evelyn do to the weaker cast members. One former cast member…

Tami Roman is the only one not feeling former “Basketball Wives” cast member Meeka Claxton–she was recently booed in Atlanta! The worst part is, she didn’t even say anything to draw a negative reaction at the HBCU charity event. The crowd booed when she was introduced! Meeka reportedly responded by saying, “It’s all good; I […]

Tami Roman recently talked about the casting changes for VH1‘s “Basketball Wives,” specifically with Meeka Claxton and Evelyn Lozada. Find out why Tami thinks Meeka wasn’t asked to return to the show and hear her thoughts about Evelyn Lozada leaving. Plus, hear Tami explain why a casting change may prevent her from coming back. RELATED […]

Sources involved in the production of “Basketball Wives” say that Meeka will NOT be returning because she hasn’t been invited back. According to TMZ, she hasn’t even heard from producers since taping the reunion show months ago.

Shaunie O’Neal confirmed that Meeka “Greasy” Claxton aka Ace Hood will not return for season 4 of VH1’s “Basketball Wives.” The queen bee called into Power 92 Hot Boys radio for an interview where she revealed the good news. check out the audio below. Recent Post: Meeka Claxton Suing Tami Roman After Altercation Shaunie O’Neal […]

“Basketball Wives” Star Meeka Claxton called into the TT Torrez show to give HER side on how the fight between her and fellow castmate Tami Roman started. She talks about her lawsuit she has pending against Tami, on how Speedy felt about the fight and whether she will be returning for another season of “Basketball […]

Although Tami and her castmates didn’t get to see Monday night’s episode of “Basketball Wives” due to filming the reunion, she had plenty to say about the fight that went down between her and Meeka Claxton.  Tami tells TT Torrez her side of how the fight started; she touched on Evelyn and Jennifer’s fight and […]

Watch the clip from last night’s “Basketball Wives” episode where Meeka Claxton and Tami Roman get into a cat fight!

Another day another “Basketball Wives drama, only this time there’s a lawsuit involved, and it involves Meeka Claxton and Tami Roman. According to the lawsuit, which was obtained by, Meeka is suing Tammi for a recent beatdown that took place in Italy during the taping of the show. Here’s what happened: Meeka and Tami […]

“Basketball Wives” newest cast member Meeka Claxton calls up TT Torrez to chit chat about her first season starring on “Basketball Wives.” Meeka talks about how she REALLY got on the show, on how she feels about people calling her a groupie, AND she puts ALL the rumors to rest on whether or not Tami […]