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“Basketball Wives” Star Meeka Claxton called into the TT Torrez show to give HER side on how the fight between her and fellow castmate Tami Roman started. She talks about her lawsuit she has pending against Tami, on how Speedy felt about the fight and whether she will be returning for another season of “Basketball Wives.”

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On the fight with castmate Tami Roman:

Meeka said she never thought Tami would have stooped down to the “angry black woman” stereotype starting a fight in a nightclub where they were the only black people in attendance. She confirmed she didn’t back down from what Tami initially said, which was she and Royce were the real ones while Shaunie, Evelyn & Jennifer were the fake/phony ones. Meeka said she’s to grown to be fighting.

On Tami saying her life was in danger:

Meeka said she ignored the rumors of Tami saying she was scared for her life when she started the fight. She said Tami came in there with the intention to fight her. Meeka confirmed it was more of a mush-smack verses a punch. She said she was blindsided by the fight.  She called Tami a bully.

On how Speedy Claxton (her husband) felt about her fighting Tami:

Meeka said Speedy was HEATED about the fight and that they are too grown to be fighting.

On the lawsuit pending against Tami:

Meeka confirms she IS in fact suing Tami because she feels Tami needs to suffer the consequences of her actions.

On the letter she wrote Shaunie:

Meeka said she wrote the letter because she was not able to be around the other ladies.

On how she feels about her castmates:

She said her feelings aren’t that good towards the other ladies. She didn’t have a problem with them until she realized they had a problem with her. During taping, she said she didn’t know the other ladies didn’t like her so much.  Meeka revealed she NEVER went to Suzie to talk about the other ladies; it was Suzie reaching out trying to be the shoulder for her to lean on.

On if she would drop the lawsuit against Tami if they sat down and talked it out:

She said, “I don’t have no problem with sitting down. There’s always fighting when it’s Tami’s involved. She’s too old for that. We’re all too old for that actually.”

On if she’ll be on the next season of “Basketball Wives”:

Meeka said, “I really don’t know.”

On what the fans/haters say when they meet her in person:

She said the first thing people say to her when they see her in person is “OMG you’re so much lighter in person.” Meeka said she didn’t know people had a problem with her being dark-skinned or “black.”

On if she has regrets being on “Basketball Wives”:

She has no regrets! She said you have to take the good with the bad and she has learned to trust no one!

On if her perceptions have changed on her castmates:

She said of course her perceptions have changed because they are not the people she thought they were. She said they are a little shadier and they are not the chics her friends made them out to be.

Meeka said she would love to show the lifestyle of a REAL basketball wife.


“Basketball Wives” Star Tami Roman Gives TT Torrez First Interview After Fight With Meeka Claxton