EST Gee just dropped the video for his song “Love Is Blind” on Friday, August 12th and it’s trending. He “snapped” for 2 minutes and 38 seconds … This song is straight fire.  Check it out below and let us know what you think.

Crushes have been a part of our lives since grade school. So, when is a crush inappropriate?

This week on Single in the City Sunday, we jumped right into a topic that was already buzzing on social media. Is it ok to use a coupon on the first date?

Don’t fear! No date this Valentine’s Day? No problem! Chelsea Lemore, has great tips for surviving “Single Awareness Day” in style!

Would you be willing to raid your partner’s phone if you suspected foul play? Or is the phone off-limits?

A joint banking account could be the answer to your financial woes while your partner may not be keen on risking their good credit, especially if you’re not married.

In this edition of the Paternity Test Tuesday, Angelese used to be a swinger.

One 4-year-old boy recently proved that all the world really needs is love and acceptance. According to ABC, Jax Rosebush pleaded with his mother to have his haircut to match best friend, who is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa, hoping their teacher would no longer be able to tell them apart. Jax […]

Mariah Carey confirms her relationship with dancer, Brian Tanaka.