I heard this guy’s song before I knew who he was. The hook is super dope. And one day I was grabbing some shells from sheets. And this guy stops me and says you gotta get my song on. It’s called “Body Mines” I was like ” N*gga that’s YOUR song” ? And from there […]

Next up on the Interactive Launchpad is local artist Ms. Proper. Check out the interview as iPower921 sits down with Ms. Proper to discuss her career, how it started and what her plans are for the future of hip hop…. @iPower921: Tell us a little about yourself! @IAmMsProper: I am a female Hip Hop artist […]

@iPower921: Tell us a little about yourself! @paperchasers804: We are a inter-racial rap/ hip-hop group from Richmond Virgina, with a huge buzz. We perform at various clubs and venues. Paper Chasers have won a lot of contest. We as a group are very versatile when it comes to music. Paper Chasers not only create hip-hop […]