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@iPower921: Tell us a little about yourself!

@paperchasers804: We are a inter-racial rap/ hip-hop group from Richmond Virgina, with a huge buzz. We perform at various clubs and venues. Paper Chasers have won a lot of contest. We as a group are very versatile when it comes to music. Paper Chasers not only create hip-hop music we also master club bangers, R&B, pop, trap music, and rock-rap. Our ages range from 20 to 23. There are 5 members of P.C. We write, record and edit our own material, we also film and edit our own music videos. We have 20 videos on our youtube channel. www.youtube.com/paperchasers804

@iPower921: When was the first time you remember rapping?

@paperchasers804: As a group we first began rapping together in 2004.

@iPower921: What artist influence you?

@paperchasers804: Lil Wayne, Big Sean , Drake , Eminem , Wiz Khalifa , J.Cole.

@iPower921: What’s your favorite song you’ve ever written? Why?

@paperchasers804: Boomerang. The reason it’s our favorite song is because its something different and its a new type of club song that no one has heard before.

@iPower921: What was your first live show/performance like?

@paperchasers804: Our first performance was at Skateland off of Hull Street . The crowd was very into us and was showing a lot support for us being a local group and it being our first performance.

@iPower921: Where can we hear your work?

@paperchasers804: http://www.youtube.com/paperchasers804


@iPower921: Anything else we should know?

@paperchasers804: We are currently working on our fourth mix-tape called ‘ To infinity and beyond ‘ and are also currently working on an album that will be available very soon on iTunes. Also we currently are working with two new managers David Cheeks and Lenard ‘ L’z ‘ Lee.

@iPower921: How did you come up with the name?

@paperchasers804: The name came from when we first started together. We were all in the studio , thinking of a name for the group and we thought ‘ well what do we all have in common ? ‘ and we all chase paper so we decided to go with Paper Chasers.

@iPower921: How many mix-tapes have you done up to date; what are the names?

@paperchasers804: We currently have 3 mix-tapes and are working on a fourth.

First one : Can’t Stop Us

Second One : Last Of A Dying Breed

Third One and most recent : Tickets To The Moon

@iPower921: How did the group come together?

@paperchasers804: In 2004, Two twin brothers Deane & Devin Walden, had a vision for music. Through this vision, they were inspired to form an elite group of style, finesse, and sound all their own. As time progressed, many members were added. First with the meeting of Sterling Ogletree (Tsunami Black) in early High School. After they started to work on music together, the movement began and the power behind it grew as well. A few momentum builds later and the group added another member, Vance Rhett (Case-Closed). Case-Closed brought a sort of old school Hip-Hop feel to the group. After that, John Evans (Face) was the final member to join the group. He brings a dirty south role to the group. Since then its just been hit after hit after hit. As the group moves forward six years strong, P.C. now consists of Venom, Tsunami Black, Kasanova, Case-Closed, & 2-Face.

@iPower921: Which current artist would you like to collaborate with?

@paperchasers804: Hands down Lil Wayne or Drake.