Brittany Banks known professionally as BBX, is an American singer/songwriter, actress, artist, dancer and model. Born and raised on the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia. She discovered her love for the arts at an early age.

Born in New Orleans but raised in Norfolk, King Kufi is looking to make his mark on the industry. His self-proclaimed love for making music is driven by a desire to move the soul.

Talented duo Tiara & Andrew are making their mark on the industry with the release of their album, Blue.

The pair, who met in high school, have been together for years and their synergy is apparent in their work. Look no further than their latest album, Blue. The work stands alone as a seamless blend of beautiful vocals and instrumentation.

Tiara & Andrew are an acoustic pop duo from Brunswick County, VA. Taking pride in their clean music, you can be assured that any and everyone can enjoy their sound.

A gifted lyricist, St. LeMoor is using his art to educate and inspire.

With a namesake honoring the ancient leadership of the Moors and a socio-political consciousness dedicated to the education, understanding and empowerment of people of African descent, St. LeMoor is on a mission.

Born in Dallas, Texas, but currently residing in Richmond, VA. St. LeMoor is blessed with a gifted voice called to speak to souls instead of flesh.

Wutzunique dropped by the iPower Digital Studio to perform "Alibi," the first single, from her celebrated debut.

She looks like she’s gonna hit you with some bars, but instead is ready to serenade you with one of the most beautiful voices you’ve ever heard.

T Star dropped by the iPower Digital Studio to perform "See You Grow," the first single, from his celebrated debut album.

With undeniable prowess on the mic and a fluid understanding of the power of the pen, T Star’s name is destined to be recounted amongst legends like Tupac and Kendrick Lamar.