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Source: courtesy of Tiara & Andrew

Tiara & Andrew are an acoustic pop duo from Brunswick County, VA. Taking pride in their clean music, you can be assured that any and everyone can enjoy their sound.

You can best describe their sound as a vibe with a message behind it. They have been both in a relationship and bandmates for 8 years. From high school to adulthood, their sole purpose for pursuing music is to spread love and positive energy to the world.

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Currently, the duo has released an album, Blue, and a single, “Roller Skates.” Both can be found on any major music platform. Tiara is the songwriter while Andrew is the sole instrumentalist. However, both alternate between, guitar, bass, keyboard, and ukulele.

Their music is an infectious blend of hopeful messages and insightful storytelling, that is both relatable and pleasant to hear.

Instagram: @tiara_n_andrew

Facebook: TiaranAndrew

YouTube: Tiara & Andrew

“Roller Skates”


“Fake Smile”


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