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Picture this…

You’re at Church. Sitting in your seat on a nice Sunday Morning, taking in the Good Word. And all of sudden your Pastor calls you “Poor, Broke, Busted. and Disgusted”.

Hard to imagine, right?

Welp! That was the experience of quite a few Kansas City Church Goer’s this past Sunday. When their Pastor went on major rant after preaching on how they are allegedly, called by God to “honor” him.

And I guess to him “Honor” is more than just lip service. Because the Pastor went in detail about how he was disappointed that he had not yet received the Movado Watch he asked for last Christmas from the Church.

In the now viral video. He can be heard asking the congregation, “Am I not worth your McDonalds Money? “…I’m not worth your Gucci?”. Insinuating that the Parishioners would rather spend there money on themselves, than buy HIM something.

Dude… Are you serious?

If ever people needed more of a reason to be distrustful of the, Church. May I present, EXHIBIT 1.

I strongly believe there is a special place in Hell for those who work / lead people in the name of God an act in such abominable ways.

And that’s not to say regular / everyday Believers shouldn’t have to abide by God’s law. But to make that your Calling/Profession and then do such blatantly horrible things. To me show’s that your intentions were never pure.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a Pastor that’s been through somethings of the “World” because it makes them more relatable.

But a self fulfilling, clout chasing, thief / narcist has no place in the pulpit in my opinion.

Patrice Woodbine! Make your way to the pew, instead, HAHA.

But ya’ll sound off in the comments! Would you go back to this Pastors Church next Sunday?