The 2014 BET Awards just aired this past weekend. What was your favorite moment from the awards show?

Mike: I just really enjoyed watching everybody come onstage doing what they love-you know, just showing off their craft. I just really enjoyed the award show period.

Will: I agree with him. I enjoyed the BET awards as well. I liked all of the great performances. When you see people like August ALsina, a new guy, come on stage and show emotion it just reminds you- you know, we were there. It’s rare that artists share those emotions but no one knows what you’ve been through so when you get a chance to enjoy a moment like that it’s just a real moment. I think those are the experiences everyone should be keen to because you really don’t know somebody’s story. All you know is that you enjoy their music but you don’t know how hard it was for that person to get to where they are now.

In 2009, Day 26 won the BET award for “Best Group” What do you all think of Tank calling BET hypocrites for giving the “Best Group” award to Young Money when they aren’t an actual group?

Willie: I never been in the position to ever throw shade, however, I do understand where he’s coming from but it comes from the acceptance of groups. If you put TGT in a category with Jagged Edge, Day 26 and then a couple more and now you have a R&B group category and that makes more sense. You see what I’m saying? But then when you start to put “Best Group” and then it’s like… Well, TGT is a group, Young Money comes together every now and then to do something and then you have everyone else. So now the category is so large and diverse, you don’t know who could win out of that bracket really. Yea, so it gets kind of hard so I understand where Tank is coming from because there’s not a lot of groups out here to make that an actual category.

How do you all plan on changing the current state of R&B?

Mike: We not really trying to change it, we just want to give the game our end of it. We just want to do what Day 26 is good at and in doing us we’ll hopefully bring R&B back to a place where everyone appreciates R&B. That’s the biggest thing for us, just bringing R&B back to the forefront because nowadays it gets pushed to the back because of hip-hop which I’m not knocking but a lot of people feel like R&B is missing. We just want to bring that soulful sound and that same feeling you used to get when you would hear a good R&B song.

Will: Even to go off of what Mike was saying… The blueprint of R&B has always been there, it’s just that people are scared to tackle it and tap into it. The majority of people who love R&B listen to the music of the 90s and the 80s and that was it. That was the essence of R&B and I think that what happened was that people tried to mix and match it and move it to different directions to the fact that it starts to miss the essence. I think that the easiest thing with Day 26 is that we try to stick to the essence so that when you feel it, you feel it straight in your heart. The essence never changes with us.

Mike: Yea! What Willie said!

[Brian walks in]

What can we expect from the new and improved Day 26?

Brian: Hey! This is Brian Angel, the one and only aka Mister… whatever you want to call me, but don’t tell me I can’t sing. Ayee. No but what you can expect from Day 26 is a lot of great music and a lot of growth because you know we grow daily. I’m not sure if the guys explained to you but we put this whole project together ourselves, without anyone’s help- no labels, no anything. A lot of the time, we didn’t see each other so you can see a lot of growth from us. Like I can predict that you all will see a whole lot of Day 26- especially on the creative side as far as filming, directing, writing, producing- just a lot of great music from here on out.

Got it, well thank you so much for your time.

Brian: You sound so sincere when you said that “thank you sooooo much.”

Hey, I was! Best of luck with touring and your new EP

Willie: Thank you and God Bless.


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