You all were handpicked by a pioneer in the music industry. Does it still feel surreal looking back on your journey as a group? Are there any parts of the show that you would erase from TV?

Will: Man… It was definitely a journey and to be handpicked by someone like Diddy is always a great thing. Basically, I just feel like anything that was shown on TV gave all the fans and any inspiring entertainer direct insight on the game- what groups go through when dealing with labels and stuff like that. It’s sort of like a study guide that people could use for their own life so no, I wouldn’t take anything back. Everything that you saw was real emotion and things you saw were just real reactions to how real people act in real situations. I don’t think that I would take it back because it’s educational to a lot of people- not to take for granted that it did jumpstart our careers and got us to where we are right now to even make music even after our journey at BadBoy and Atlantic.

Has Diddy reached out to you guys?

Willie: We talk to him aon a more personal level. Not as in business but it’s all love there- that’s how it’ll always be.

What was it like to get back in the studio to record your new EP?

Mike: Going back to the studio was easy. I mean the first day was a little different because you know everyone was coming back together but you know we kept the jokes coming. It was lke any other studio time. For the most part it was easy because we just click, when it comes to music we just click. That’s why I say theres no other group that could do it like we do it just because of how good we click when we go into the booth to get this music done- no matter if we were right there besides each other or if we were in five different states.

Who do you all look forward to working with?

Willie: Well, I think the big thing right now is that we’re in a good position to show the world right now who Day 26 is. I think people seem to fail to realize that our journey as artists started way before “Making the Band.” So like me, I was already in a band before even joining the show, so you have to think about that journey that people didn’t get a chance to see. So now I feel like we’re excited for people to see how challenging we are versus everyone saying “Yo, Diddy did this or that.” Now its time for the world to really see who Day 26 is. It’s not like we’re not excited to work with anyone else, but right now we want the world to see us for who we are vocally, dancing wise, as far as writing and producing, and executively producing projects, directing videos, writing books as authors- you know, just different hats. These are hats that we wear that people did not even know that we wear. On the show, none of this was a part of it, it was just “Oh, they can sing” but that’s what we really want people to understand. We can take this and do it ourselves. Let me school you on this a little bit more… Even like what Mike was saying about how easy it was for us to record in the studio, the hardest part was that half of the EP was done when we were not around each other. We had to do half of the EP with just internet and pro-tools, so people in five different states recording their parts and sending it back to the hub where they’d finish it up and send it to me. It’s harder to do that because you really have to find the chemistry on the record, then you have to really find the blend of the notes- everything has to be there- and there’s nobody there to coach you so you’re really doing it yourself. The perfect example of that is “Lose Control,” because with “Lose Control” we hadn’t even saw each other and we discussed how dope that record was when we saw each other the next time which was in LA recently. It’s crazy because now it’s out and people are loving it and they don’t even know the background behind it and how strongly determined we were to do this and that we did it in that form.

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