It seems as if there are a few other R&B groups reuniting as well. What is different about you guys reuniting as opposed to other male R&B groups doing the same?

Mike: Man the difference between us and everybody is that we’re just us! We just different from everybody. Our music and what I think we bring to the game is entirely different because of the fact that all five of us- any one of us can survive this game alone. The fact that we have all five of us that can hold down and carry leads and you know when we put all of this together and also the choreography, songwriting- You know we just have a lot of different variables that put us ahead of other groups.

What’s your take on the feedback you all have been receiving in regards to hooking back up together?

Willie: I think the feedback has been great. I think the fans are definitely there. They’ve been loving tracks one through eight which is everything they got, you know, so that’s really a great feeling. I think we’ve even touched people who we haven’t reached before as well who have been chiming in and hearing how other people felt about the EP and checking it out themselves. You know it’s growing wings on its own and we still have to put together the radio single together. There’s going to be a whole new level of growth from there as well as we’re getting ready to start shooting the video for “Bullsh*ttin” so the visual is going to do a whole new level from there. And everyone should know we put a lot of hard work into this project so it really feels good that we’re seeing the fruits of our labor.

There’s rumors that we should be expecting a tour soon. Any details on that?

Oh yea, well most definitely. We’ll be setting up a tour coming to a city near you but as Will was saying before we just really wanted to get the music out there so that people could really have something more. You know, we didn’t want to do a two-hour concert doing all of our old music, we wanted to do something new for out fans and now that we got that out of the way, the tour can happen.

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