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Looking something like a Tron Lightcycle in Kawasaki Lime Green livery, the J is able to morph between a low-slung riding position (Sport Mode) that allows the rider to carve through corners at speed and a higher stance (Comfort Mode) in which the distance between the front wheels is widened for more relaxed urban cruising. Steering-wise, the J has neither a wheel or handlebars, instead employing two levers that seem akin to those found on zero-turn ride-on lawn mowers.

The Kawasaki J concept in Comfort mode

Details of the all-electric vehicle’s drive-train are scant, but Kawasaki says the J concept makes use of its proprietary battery management technology and GIGACELL high-capacity nickel-metal hydride battery.

We would love to throw a leg over one of these beasts, but at this stage there’s no indication that the J is likely to move beyond concept stage.

So what’s your verdict? Outlandish, outstanding, or a bit of both. Let us know in the comments below.

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