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Bartolomeo “Meo” Costantini was born in 1889 and began racing in 1914 at the young age of 25. After World War I, the soon-to-be legend became part of the Bugatti brand and began racing a Bugatti Type 13 that he assisted in modifying himself. Meo was later recognized by Ettore Bugatti, whom he became close friends with. Their friendship eventually led to Meo becoming a racecar driver and advisor for Bugatti. After his 1925 Targa Florio victory in Sicily, he competed in many races, including the Grand Prix, before moving on to become the manager of Bugatti’s racing team until 1935, when Jean Bugatti assumed the role.

The Bugatti Veyron Meo Costantini was presented at the Dubai International Motor Show on Nov. 6 according to reports from Autoblog, and is the newest Veyron to the Les Légendes de Bugatti. The supercar is designed to celebrate the dynamic accomplishments of Meo during his time with the manufacturer. The supercar is based off of the 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse and comes with every bit of power you’d hope for. The Vitesse is a Roadster for those readers who don’t know, and not just any Roadster; it’s the fastest Roadster in the world. The Vitesse has been successfully tested and reached up to 253 mph with the top down, its eight-cylinder quad-turbo W16 engine pushing it along.

The Veyron Meo Costantini is designed to reflect France’s motorsport color and to reflect the Type 35 sports car, which was one of the most iconic sports cars of all time. The color is derived from the “Bugatti Dark Blue sport” color and covers the supercars carbon fiber and aluminum body with a dramatic appearance. Some parts on the vehicle have also been made two-tone with two different color paints. Meo’s signature has been laser-engraved into the oil caps and aluminum gas tank and finished in silver paint as a final touch.

The interior is, as expected, extravagant and covered in leather. Sections of the interior have been trimmed in a “Guacco” color, while others are finished in a dark blue similar to the exterior called “Lake Blue.” The head restraints boast Meo’s signature while the center console is embedded with the silhouette of the Targa Florio racetrack.