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Four years ago, Beyoncé’s father Mathew Knowles was caught creeping with another woman when he got her pregnant and unleashed one hell of a scandal. Not too long after the baby’s birth, Tina Knowles filed for divorce and Beyoncé released her father from her management team, but both have stayed pretty mum about the affair. Now the other woman Alexsandra Wright is speaking out!

In a new interview with Inside Edition, she revealed that she is so disappointed in Mathew for neglecting his own child and she’s recently had to go on welfare because he hasn’t paid the $32,000 in child support ordered by the court.

Betrayal is a good word. More than anything I respected him as a friend and a colleague and our relationship grew out of that. The other thing is, to turn your back on a child to me is unconscionable. No matter what child it is. In your neighborhood you probably have neighborhood kids playing with your kids[…]but this is his child and it’s a boy. I can’t prove it any harder. It’s been five years. I’ve been respectful of our relationship. I’ve never talked about it. I’ve never stepped out of the lines. I’ve followed the letter to the law. I’ve followed the stipulated judgments to the law, and it feels like he’s a little bit of an outlaw and just, you know, chosen to not acknowledge any of it and punish me all the way to the finish line.

She also added that she expected better since Mathew raised two beautiful daughters and were very active in their lives:

It’s disappointing. I’m not angry, I’m disappointed. More than anything, he raised two other children and was very active and involved in their lives and they turned out very well. So why he’s choosing not to acknowledge his only son, I don’t know, but it’s disappointing. And the other piece that’s disappointing is that I am the only parent taking accountability at this point. As I said, it’s not anybody else’s responsibility but Mathew Knowles. It’s Mathew Knowles’ responsibility. And the press hasn’t been bad to me. I think it’s just people putting words in my mouth. I’ve gone every step to take accountability for my child and raise my child. I expect Mathew to do the same.

I don’t expect Beyoncé to take accountability. It’s not her problem. It’s not her situation. This is Mathew’s situation solely and I think that he should stand up and take responsibility. So I’ve turned the case over to the state and it’s in the best hands that it can be. I’ve fought the good fight for my son.

As far as birthing her son, she has no regrets:

I feel like I’m so lucky that he came through me. His spirit, that he came through my body. And he’s so worth everything. I would give up everything for him.

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