Gabby and D. Wade are getting ready for their upcoming wedding, and despite it normally being a big day for the woman, it’s Dwyane who’s having a princess moment!

This week, Gabrielle Union sat down with Ellen DeGeneres, and talked about the pending nuptials. During the show, she revealed that Dwyane Wade is hoarding bridal magazines, and he’s doing most of the planning!

Peep the highlights:

If she’s helping with the wedding plans

No. I’m doing wine tastings. He is…secretly, this is his princess moment. He has waited for this for a long time. He’s been hoarding bridal magazines. He’s very ready.[…]Every aspect. Aspects I didn’t even know go into wedding planning. He is on. To have a centerpiece or to not have a centerpiece? No centerpieces. Who cares? He does. He’s very particular about the music and the guest list.

On the guest list

I think people are thinking it’s a lot bigger than it is. They’ll find out [when they’re not invited].

The biggest difference in their 9-year age gap

The biggest is like, the music. I want The O’Jays to play at our wedding, he wants Young Jeezy. I’m like, ‘Oooh, Patti LaBelle!’ And he’s like, Ariana Grande. It’s night and day.

On kissing him goodnight every night

The plan is [to kiss him]. But let’s say we’re watching ‘Nashville,’ one of our favorite shows, I might drift off. That’s one of the downsides of dating an older gal. We drift off. I try! I’m like, ‘If I can just make it to 11…I can’t do it.’

On their recent trip to China

I didn’t realize he’s like Justin Bieber in China. I was not prepared for this. I was like, ‘They’re not even going to know who you are, babe. You do well in the states but I don’t know if it will translate.’ ‘WA-DE! You so sexy Wa-de!’ I was not prepared. They love the skinny jeans over there. They love his man-pris. Crazy fashions.

Karaoke in China

So we’re at karaoke. They take us to this private room. It’s a group of probably like, 10 black people. They say, ‘We’ll be right back, we’ve got something that we know you’ll love.’ We’re thinking bottle of champagne. Bottle of vodka. They come back with a platter of watermelon. We were like, ‘Uh…’ So nobody wanted to touch the watermelon. After a minute we’re singing, you’re voice gets a little parched. It was the most delicious watermelon I’ve ever tasted in my life. Apparently it’s a gift. Watermelon doesn’t have the same racial connotation [in China]. It felt a little suspicious.[…]It was a special Chinese watermelon. A special, non-racist watermelon.

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