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Wendy Williams had her mean girl claws out earlier today when Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart stopped by her show, but Porsha handled her questions and comments with poise and grace. During the “Hot Topics” segment Wendy tried it a few times by calling Porsha “coddled and spoiled” and telling her that her recent behavior was “less than smart.” She also pressed Porsha on her decision to keep her husband’s last name after the divorce is finalized and asked her straight up if Kordell is gay.

Catch a few highlights and video below:

Porsha on her mom giving up her master bedroom when she moved back home

Well actually she wanted to. She knows I’m used to having a nice space and not that her guest room wasn’t accommodating but she wanted me to feel extra, extra comfortable. My mom totally spoils me.

Wendy: I’m going to talk very honest. If I talk Hot Topics in the purple chair, I’ve got to have the guts to say it right here. Your behavior is less than smart. From my perspective as a fan, you are a gorgeous woman who has the world at your feet. You have no children which is a plus in this particular situation because it makes for that five-year thing that was called a marriage, that’ll be over. I think you should live on your own. It seems like you’ve been coddled and spoiled by your mother and Kordell and that never helps us as women when we get out in the world.

Porsha: That’s true, but as you can see my mom is very, very real and while she is making breakfast she is laying that wisdom on me every morning. She is trying strengthening me before I go back out. She’s doing the best that she can and you know what? Sometimes when somebody knocks you so far down, your family and your support system is who brings you back up.

Porsha On Kordell wanting a 1950s housewife

If anybody decided to be a 1950s wife, it was me. I was an independent woman. I had my own businesses and I was the boss and I had a lot of responsibilities. So when I met a man that I could just cater to and make him my world, I decided to be that way with him. I decided to make him and his son my everything. So that was all on me.

On Kordell’s son

He came to live with us as soon as we got married. Right after we got married he moved in.

On her relationship with Kordell’s son’s mother

Well, she moved to LA so I stepped up. I love my husband so therefore I love your son. So I’m gonna take care of you.

On if her stepson’s mother has reached out to her now that they’re both exes

No, we haven’t gotten to that place. I haven’t had any communication with her whatsoever. It was difficult towards the end and it’s definitely difficult having a child involved in the middle of the situation.

On if the divorce is finalized

No, in about 30 days it will be finalized.

On if she’s going to keep or change her last name

I’m going to keep Stewart. A lot of people say, ‘Why?! Give him his name.’ It’s not his name, it’s my name. I was Porsha Williams at one part in my life before I got married. Marriage has taught me so much. I’m a whole other woman now so I’m going to own that last name. It belongs to me.

On the time Kordell locked her out of the house because she came home late

NeNe and I, we had a couple of drinks. We filmed all night. We were at a get-together at our filming. So when I got home it was around 11pm maybe and I was on the phone with NeNe while this happened. I pulled up to the house and there was a security guard there. I pulled in my driveway, he gets out the car and he’s standing in front, like, ‘I have been told to tell you not to come into this residence.’ It just got really, really ugly, really, really fast.

On if Kordell’s gay

What I can tell you is this. Whether he is gay or on the down-low that had nothing to do with our breakup quite honestly. To be very, very frank with you. The breakup had to do with the treatment that I was receiving as a wife.

On there being rumors that Kordell was gay before they even met

Oh yeah, since I was like 16 years old.

I didn’t know who he was. He was a retired football player so I didn’t know about him until he came to a family event. My uncle was taking pictures so I found out at that point. A couple family events later on I kept hearing so much about it that I said I’m going to talk to him about it. There’s no way I can move to the next step and not talk to him about this.

We were in the car on the way home. He was just very detailed about the whole situation and at the end of it he basically said there was no records so I guess it can’t be true because there was no records. I don’t know, take what you want from that.

On being airy

I can say this though. Last season I understand that I came off as a little airy and all that but that was me because I showed one side. I was being a loving, catering wife so people didn’t see who I really am.

So you regret being on the show?

Not at all, I live by the motto ‘No regrets just lessons learned.’

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