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KeKe Wyatt called into the TT Torrez Show to girl talk about her relationship with her new castmate Angie Stone, on if “R&B Divas” will be going on tour, she reveals her REAL age and so much more!

Check it out:

On her “beef” with new cast member Angie Stone:

KeKe said she’s praying about it. She claims the producers specifically put her on the show to get on her nerves.

On if the “R&B Divas” will be going on tour:

KeKe said “I don’t know what they doing, just old people gone go cause I ain’t old. I’m not going on the road with them old…I don’t know unless the coins is right. If the coins is good, you know mama is all about her coinage cause I do got 50 kids to feed. Hopefully my new single puts me in my own age group. No shade to the music I’ve been singing and to my fans but I just was put into that kind of R&B and honestly that’s not what I wanted to do.” KeKe said she was 18 when “My First Love” came out and she feels like it dated her.

On her “real age”:

KeKe claims she’s 31 years old and wants her new music to reflect that.

On her record label situation:

KeKe said she’s not signed to a label right now but she’s recording her own material and will take her music to the labels who have shown interest in her. She said she’s doing it her way this time.

On if “R&B Divas” was a platform to reintroduce her to her fans:

KeKe said she wouldn’t say it reintroduced her to her fans but rather show the world who she really is. She said she’s been known as “the crazy chick who stabbed her husband” throughout her career and she felt R&B Divas was a good platform for people to get to know her as a person and not a singer. KeKe said she hates the fact that she’s still called “the girl who stabbed her husband.”

On her tribute to Chaka Khan:

KeKe said it felt wonderful and she couldn’t believe she was standing up while she was singing.

On how things are between her and her husband:

KeKe said he got on her nerves last night and wanted to choke him but she loves him and they’re doing well.

On what we can expect on “R&B Divas”:

KeKe said it’s going to be some stuff coming up. She said they have a good time as long as no one pushes anyone buttons.

Be on the look out for KeKe’s new single next month.

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