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A pregnant Winter Ramos from “Love & Hip Hop New York” stopped by the iPower 92.1 studio to girl talk with TT Torrez about the reunion show that recently aired, her recently released book titled, “Game Over,” the many men she has slept with in the music industry and so much more!

Check it out:

On her pregnancy:

Winter says she’s 5 months pregnant. Once the producers found out she was pregnant they wanted her to take a pregnancy test for the show but she decided against it. She said she was pregnant during some of the taping of LAHH.

On why she didn’t release her book, “Game Over” a few years ago when some of the men she writes about were hot:

Winter said the book isn’t about the guys being relevant but rather he experiences. She said she titled the book “Game Over” because those were experiences from her past.

On her and Mendeecee’s relationship:

Winter said she and Mendeecee dated for about a year before she found out he was living with another woman (Yandy maybe?).

On why she put Lore’l in the book:

Winter said initially Lore’l wasn’t in the book. Winter said after talking to producers of the show she realized it made since to put her in the book. She said what was written in the book was something that happened to them years ago that caused them not to speak to each other. She told Lore’l she was IN the book but wouldn’t tell her what she said about her in the book. Winter said she didn’t want to tell Lore’l what she wrote about her in the book because she would breach her contract with VH1 and she didn’t trust her not to go back and tell the producers.

On her sexual relationship with Dame Dash and her meeting Jay-Z:

Winter said she didn’t even know Jay-Z and Dame Dash knew each other at the time.

On Swizz Beatz allegedly not liking to use a condom:

Winter said she wanted young ladies to understand how when men in power will try to control you in a compromising position. She felt if she said no to Swizz advances, he would blackball her from the music industry. She felt obligated to have sex with Swizz to remain in the industry.

On if she felt obligated to sleep with anyone other than Swizz:

Winter said Swizz wasn’t the only man she felt obligated to sleep with.

On if she was afraid of the backlash from her book:

Winter said she knew there would be some backlash but she just wanted to share her experiences and hopefully show other young women what goes on in the music industry and learn from it.

On people comparing her to Karrine “Superhead” Steffans:

Winter said people will have their opinions and it doesn’t matter to her what other people think. She said she think she and Superhead are two different people but happen to be around the same type of guys.

On if “Big Money” in the book is really Young Jeezy?:

Winter said she had a conversation with “Big Money” and he expressed to her that it would be hard for him to keep moving forward in his career when he has to keep answering questions about her in interviews.

Winter then confessed that it’s Young Jeezy.

On if she’s still cool with Emily B & Chrissy:

Winter said she had a conversation with Emily before she published the book and she said she was ok with it. She also said she’s still cool with Chrissy.

On the fight between Joe Budden & Consequence:

Winter said no one knew they had issues except for Consequence. She said she still doesn’t understand how the situation got so heated and why Consequence was so upset.

On if she thinks Erica Mena has a future in the industry:

Winter said if you have the right producers than, yea, “If Jennifer Lopez can do it.”

On why she decided to do reality TV:

Winter found out Mona was looking for girls to do a Love & Hip Hop Miami but no other girls wanted to do it. She said Mona wanted to meet with her due to her close ties with Emily & Chrissy. Mona ended up doing Atlanta instead, so she bought Winter on the New York show.

On her relationship with Slim from Cash Money:

Winter said Slim did NOT want her to do reality television. She said she doesn’t know why because they never talked about it. She decided not to tell Slim she was going to shoot a scene with Emily and didn’t know until the show aired. She claims she never slept with him and he never gave her any money. She said she felt he kept her around cause he liked her on the low.

On Jadakiss wanting to be a part of Love & Hip Hop New York:

Winter said he never really said he wanted to come on the show but he did hint at being on the show. She said it was Jadakiss’ idea for her to write the book and to also expand her brand into doing make-up, a clothing line, etc., so she agreed to film with him if they were filmed “working” but she made it clear they would not be coming on the show as a couple. She wanted to see where things were going to go with Slim.

On Young Berg:

Winter said Young Berg was one of the nicest and sweetest man she’s messed with in the industry.

On if she’s officially done with sleeping with men in the industry:

Winter said she’s DONE.

Check out the 2nd part of the Love & Hip Hop New York Reunion next week on VH1.

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