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Jay Ellis called into the TT Torrez Show to g-chat with TT about the season premiere of BET ‘s hit sitcom, “The Game.”

Jay dished on working with Lauren London, how he handles criticism from fans who constantly compare him to Derwin and much more!

Listen below:

On his performance in the season premiere of BET’s sitcom “The Game”:

Jay “The Blueprint” Ellis said this was his first time playing a professional athlete but his character is sort of parallel to his life.

On the chemistry between “The Blueprint” and Lauren Londaon’s character and other castmates:

Jay said the producers asked that they didn’t hang out with one another before they shot the show, so that it could kind of naturally play out on screen.

On if he feels pressure to succeed after Melanie & Derwin left the show:

Jay said with the absence of Derwin and Melanie there’s a new story line. Fans will have to find what they love and hate about them.

On people who criticize and compare him to Derwin:

Jay said he ignores the chatter and stays away from it. He says his mom on the other hand does because she doesn’t want anyone talking about her baby (LOL), so he hears about it from time to time. One thing he tries to explain to people is that he’s a big Derwin and Melanie fan too, so he felt a little heartbreak when they left just like other fans of the show. But he also said in this “art imitating life thing” is that things like this happens. Players get traded and we have to start new relationships.

On if he’s hanging out with football players more now:

Jay said going into this he watched a lot of rookie interviews. He said he’s lucky to have a cousin who’s an amazing high school player football player who he got to spend a lot of time with.

On if he’s ever slept with a friend of someone he’s trying to get with in real life:

Jay said he’s never been in that situation. He doesn’t think you could ever come back from doing something like that.

Check out “The Game” on BET every Tuesday night 10pm/EST.


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