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In the footage the Teen Mom star can be seen bending over a counter and snorting a white powdery substance.

“Jenelle was on probation at the time and she bought pills from a drug dealer and crushed them up,” a source with knowledge of the situation tells Radar.

“The pills are Percocet, and she did not have a prescription for them.”

Jenelle, who was 20 when the video was shot in the summer of 2012, is shown in a tie-dyed T-shirt with her blonde hair pulled up on top of her head.

Evans’ behavior would change dramatically when she was under the influence of drugs – strangely, for the better, the insider claims.

“She could be really violent when she didn’t get her way and throw temper tantrums,” the source says. “But when she snorted the drugs she was really mellow and zoned out.”

The source shares that Jenelle knew any traces of Percocet would be out of her system in just 72 hours, which was handy for any probation ordered drug tests, so that’s why she did the prescription pills and not harder drugs.

Meanwhile, a friend close of the MTV star says Evans is aware of the existence of the video, and thinks it is “stupid.”

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