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Wale seems to have found some trouble at the NBA Wizards VS. Raptors basketball game at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C.

It first allegedly started when Wale supposedly was trash talking Raptors forward Rudy Gray, from his court side seat at the Verizon Center. Wale’s trash talking then led to witty comments by commentator Matt Delvin. He started by saying how Wale was a “local rapper” and how someone on twitter can say if they never heard of Wale, he then tried to really go in and say how Wale is not Drake !

Once Wale heard about the commentator running his mouth he then tweeted Matt Delvin, “Shut your mouth” then made his way to the commentator booth to exachange words face to face.

After the confrontation Wale went back on Twitter saying:

“On the Internet when u defend urself ur criticized for being less of a man. There’s NO honor in defending yourself,or your name.

Somebody call u out your name . And you confront them . YOU wrong . So who u cheerin for the people who take insults in stride? Since when.”