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told you previously about the 15 shots fired at Rick Ross after his birthday and how he hired 24-hour security to follow him around. And since the shooting, there have been a slew of comments (a lot of them from other celebs) who straddle both sides of the fence about the situation. On one hand, there’s Uncle Luke who wrote an open letter of concern to Rick in the Miami New Times where he cautioned Rick about his lifestyle and putting himself in harms way like Tupac and Biggie Smalls.

“Hip-hop has a rich history of college guys who never committed a crime rapping about moving kilos of cocaine and taking out snitches. Every gangster rapper takes on the role of a real hood legend to build up street cred. But I don’t want you to fall into the trap of believing you are really a gangster.”

And on the flip side, there’s 50 Cent who called “B.S.” on the whole thing. He thinks it was all “staged” to drum up publicity and record sales. And 50 knows a thing or two about using drama to drum up records sales.


So when TMZ asked Rick if he was taking the threats seriously and protecting himself, he didn’t give an answer. But when asked about 50 Cent making claims that it was all a hoax, Rick laughed in the face of the cameraman and took a puff of his cigar.