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Joe Budden called into the TT Torrez Show to g-chat about his new album ‘No Love Lost,’ being on “Love & Hip Hop,” his longevity in the music industry, his ‘thing’ for “video vixens,” and more.

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On his album ‘No Love Lost’:

Joe says his album was pushed back due to clearance on one of the songs but it’s in stores now! It’s on sale for $9.99. He says the mixtape he dropped before his album bought a younger fan base than he had listening to him before. He attributes his new fan base to Eminem, the sucess of Slaughterhouse, and social media which bought everything full circle.

Joe said this album is probably his most diverse album since his debut. He says he’s in a really clear-head space, able to create being free of stress and anything cancerous from his creative process.

On being in the industry for as long as he has:

Joey says he’s just happy to be here.

On his REAL age:

He’s really 32 years old. He said he was joking saying he was 27 on the show.

On wearing make-up on LAHH:

Joe said the make-up made his beard look really dark on TV. He said he thought he would crazy but the producers assured him he wouldn’t. Lol

On Slaughterhouse memebers:

Joey said everyone is great and everyone is working diligently on their solo projects. He said he and the guys are working on going on tour soon.

On being on “Love & Hip Hop”:

Joe said he never liked to do anything out of necessity but rather doing things out of options. He said he didn’t NEED to be on “Love & Hip Hop” but rather he wanted to. He said Mona approached him about being on the show and said she wanted him on the show because alot of people don’t know the real “Joe” so he thought it would be a good platform for people to gage how he normally functions.

On his drug-addiction:

Joe said alot of people were taken off guard when he revealed he was addicted to drugs but he says he has rapped about his addiction since he started rapping.

On his “thing” for video girls:

Joe said he doesn’t have a thing for video girls. He said he’s attracted to nice skin, pretty face, boobs, butt, legs, hair…it just so happens the women look like they could be video vixen-esqe. He said he likes all women.

On his 21-year-old girlfriend:

Joe said he believes she could possibly be Mrs. Joe Budden. He said age is only a number and that she’s very mature and she’s very well put together in alot of areas that many older women are not. “People can judge a book all they want to but they’ll be sadly mistaken.”

On his past relationships:

Joe said he was with his child’s mother for 5 years, his castmate Tahiry for 5 years and Gloria Valez. He said he and Gloria still speak today. He said he dated Somaya Reese (LAHH) for less than a month, so she doesn’t count. Esther Baxter was not doing videos when he dated her and his girlfriend now is not a video vixen, she’s a Zumba instructor.

On if Tahiry can cook and how his girlfriend feels about Tahiry cooking him dinner:

Joe said yea…she can. She fixes some good steak, rice and beans.

Joe said his girlfriend does not have a problem with Tahiry cooking him dinner. He said, “if your man if forthcoming and honest with you and you guys have an extremely good line of communication and he treats you like the queen of this earth,” then she can’t be made. Basically, long as he tells her the truth, she should be good.

On what’s going on with him and castmate Raqi Thunda:

NOTHING. He said she’s been on a “nation-wide slander Joe Budden” tour, he says that’s not his interpretation of love.

On what he expects from “Love & Hip Hop”:

He said he’s not restricted to being just being a rapper. Joey said he’s a waaaaay bigger personality than a rapper.

Joe said from this point on, everything goes really fast on the show.

Will we see Joey in the booth on “Love & Hip Hop?”:

He said hopefully. They shot some footage of him in the studio but he’ll find out if it’s shown on TV just like we will when we tune in.