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Not only did Rich Dollaz get arrested for not showing up to court because he did not want to take a paternity test. Wow. Erica Mena, Chaundrea Nicolle, and Angela Yee- his EX’s- are now at each other’s throats on Twitter releasing footage of his embarrassing arrest. Crazily, Rich told the interviewer to not speak on Mena OR Olivia.In fact, he told the audience that he was The Manager who Needed a Manager before he got arrested. Ironic it is that Dollaz mentioned not liking the cops during the interview. Chaundrea, Dollaz baby mother was  clearly the one who called the cops being that she was right there in his face as he was getting arrested for missing his court date in Memphis.

Breakfast Club’s Angela Lee is fighting with Erica Mena and dissing her singing skills. This is what Erica supposedly said in her defense “ “This cabbage patch slore-bag loves talking about me so when I run into let’s see if she can still say all this to my face.  You need to really be asking what people are going to think when I slap the blood outyourface @angelayee.”


Angela is backed up by her fans who speak bring to the light their opinions on Erica’s supposed drug issues. To add to that, Angela is always bringing up Erica’s “bad parenting.” In her eyes that’s the case with Erica Mena. Now, is Angela throwing so much fire because of her suspicions of Erica messing with married man and co-host DJ Envy?! Hmmm. Chaundrea Nicolle is pissed off at the fact that Erica Mena can lay in Rich Dollaz bed when he isn’t taking care of his duties at home-HIS CHILD. Instead of Erica retaliating against Chaundrea Nicolle about exposing her ratchet behavior on Twitter, she speaks on her hair being nappy and car being broke down. Erica Mena….are you trying to avoid the reality of your reputation girl?

Rumors of Dollaz hiring a crackhead to stalk and photograph Chaundrea everywhere she goes, but that she is taking legal action. More weirder than that is the fact that Chaundrea’s daughter is said to be the real loser in this whole mess. She is only a teenager, and sitting back while her parents are going HAM.

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