When you’re a multi-platinum selling superstar, the last thing you need is having your day tied up by standing in a long voting line.

In accordance with this rule, Usher was escorted to the front of the line on Election Day, likely irritating those who had been waiting patiently to cast their votes.

Officials in Fulton County defended the decision to let the 33-year-old cut in line on Tuesday (Nov. 6) so as to not cause too many distractions at the polling place, located in Roswell, Ga.

After being notified the night before that Usher would be stopping by county election heads were left with no other choice but to give him special treatment. “As a result, Poll Manager Frank Padula was directed to ensure that Mr. Raymond’s presence would not become a distraction by taking necessary measures to move Mr. Raymond through the process as expeditiously as possible,” officials said in a statement. “At no point was this decision made for preferential treatment, but to minimize and avoid a distraction at the poll.”

No matter their reasoning, those in line aren’t buying it. “I take the voting process very seriously, and I was just taken aback that this was allowed to happen,” said voter Alan Christian. “If he wanted to make a media announcement he could have stood in line like everybody else.”

Good point.

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