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A study was conducted in North Carolina to determine whether black men actually live longer IN prison rather than being free.

According to Hip Hop Wired:

Black men in North Carolina may find themselves living longer healthier lives if they simply get locked up. A study was conducted and inmates in prison of African-American descent in the Tar Heel state were found to be somewhat protected against alcohol and drug related deaths and certain chronic diseases.

According to findings published in Annals of Epidemiology, white prisoners were more likely to die while incarcerated.

The study involved about 100,000 men between age 20 and 79 who were held in North Carolina prisons at some point between 1995 and 2005.

Researchers linked prison and state health records to determine the cause of death of inmates, then compared those statistics to the expected death of the average males of the same age and race that were not in jail.

Less than one percent of men died during incarceration regardless of race, but outside prison walls, blacks have a higher rate of death at any given age than whites.

Do you think that maybe black men survive longer in jail rather than out due to all the black-on-black violence in the community?

via Hip Hop Wired

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