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Floyd Mayweather can’t seem to get his act together. Floyd was charged with two misdemeanor counts of threatening two security guards that ticketed his cars on the street.

The charges stem from an alleged incident back in October of 2010. The two guards cited Floyd’s car outside of his home and Floyd went off saying, “My homies have guns. If you want me to call them, they’d come over here and take care of you.”.

Now don’t confuse these charges with a separate incident that occurred back in November of 2010 with some security guards where Floyd was charged with misdemeanor assault after allegedly poking another security guard in the face with his finger.

He also is facing felony and misdemeanor charges stemming from a domestic confrontation in which he allegedly entered the home of Josie Harris without permission, hit and threatened the mother of three of his four children, and stole her cell phone back in September of 2010.

I think Floyd needs to leave all that testerone in the ring.

via Media MRS.

Photo: Getty Images