We all have those thoughts to ourselves every once in while that may harm your self esteem but you can’t stop having these thoughts if you don’t recognize/identify them and nip them in the bud. Here are some of the most common:

1) Your thoughts of inadequacy

We’re not all good at everything, and it’s fine to scold yourself lightly every once in a while, if you deliberately took actions that don’t necessarily make you proud. But, having enduring thoughts or a lack of confidence about the great skills, presence, and gifts that you own, could be damaging. Instead of thinking you’re not “made” for something, or “not enough” for anything, you should always approach life with the idea that life is trying to fit into your brightness, your sunshine, not you trying to squeeze into life. You’re in command here, and you were put here for special reasons that belong only to you.

2) Jealous thoughts of others

When you see others excelling, why would that sight be so painful for you? Why would you not celebrate the accomplishments of women or men like yourself? Jealousy eats away at your self-esteem and positions you as a voyeur in someone else’s life, as opposed to a pilot on your own plane. You star in a story featuring you, and as such you shouldn’t base your feelings on how good someone else’s story is. It’s that person’s story. So, make yours–and love yours, because it’s yours, and that’s good enough.

3) Forgiveness issues

When you don’t forgive, you harbor harmful toxins in your spirit, that make you feel angrier than you should about things. You will then tend to overreact, and seek to draw blood over the tiniest issues. After you engage in that manner, you will then feel really down about yourself, and you won’t be able to explain why, but the answer is really that you’re not forgiving enough. The less amount of time you hold someone or something captive in a grudge, the healthier your heart will feel and the higher your self-esteem will be.

4) Negative thoughts of your image

This “image” craze in modern society has women going overboard with their outer appearances and their dissatisfaction with looks. Simply put, women don’t need gimmicks to impress a potential love interest. By law of nature, women will be sought after, no matter how they look. If women just allowed themselves to understand this vital piece of information, they would stop reaching for all sorts of extreme surgeries and desires to over-tweak their features. Do things for your physical and emotional health. Feel and look fab, but don’t harbor unnecessary negative thoughts about your image, please!

via Madame Noire

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