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Lil Kim called up iPower 92.1 to chit chat with TT Torrez about a lot of different issues that have occurred during her career including why she left Atlantic Records, her being sued by Trackmasters, her relationship with super producer Scott Storch and so much more!


On being 18 years old when Hardcore came out:

She said she was 18 going on 19, fresh out high school when she released Hardcore. Her record company had to keep her age under wraps because she wasn’t even old enough to get into clubs to perform.

On Biggie doing his runs out in Virginia:

She said Virginia is one of her biggest markets to date. She said she loves coming to Virginia. Back in the day, they would visit Virginia 100 times and it would never seem old. She says VA has so much love for her.

On how she fits in the new era of Hip Hop:

She said, “That’s the amazing thing about Lil Kim. I fit anywhere; I’m always a chameleon. I reinvent myself in a way every time that I come out that it was like I was never gone. I’m necessary to the industry anyway. And I’ve proved that by having so many people wanting to emulate me every time there’s another female in the industry.”

She adds, “I don’t necessarily like the choice of words ‘how do I fit in?’ It almost feels like I’m not in.”

On her shutting down PayPal and selling more than 100,000+ copies of her Black Friday mixtape on PayPal:

“Yea, [it’s true] to date it might be more. Someone from PayPal basically spoke up and represented for us on that behalf. At the end of the day, I’m speaking for myself. Black Friday video is almost at 2 million views. How come it wouldn’t be that easy to get the same on PayPal? I don’t get it. But whatever. You know the haters are going to be out there to try to question. Why is that so hard to believe? I don’t get it. I am Kim.”

On her fan base:

“I have such a diverse fan base. I’m very grateful to still have my fans. I love my fans so much. They go….HAM foreal. I have the best fans in the world”

On why she left Atlantic Records:

“I left Atlantic Records because of the simple fact I wanted to venture out and become my own boss, my own businesswoman and move units on my own and figure out how to do that on my own so I can finally start making some real money.”

“My record company didn’t understand the direction I wanted to go and who I really was as an artist cause Lil Kim is not just this hardcore rapping artist, that’s what I hate. I don’t just do hardcore music. I’m over here with it, I’m over there with it. I rap, I sing, all of that in one but they didn’t get it. I knew where the music industry was going and I wanted to go with it.”

On why she didn’t release an album after prison:

She couldn’t make music after serving time in prison because she didn’t want to make music for Atlantic Records anymore. “I couldn’t record for Atlantic anymore, it was done. The only way my lawyer and I could separate the ties was I had to show them I really wasn’t going to record for them anymore, which means I couldn’t really make any music. I went to do my Hollywood thing for a year. After that year, Trackmasters and I got up and did the deal together.”

On being sued by Trackmasters:

They dropped the ball in Kim’s career and the deal went completely sour. They weren’t doing the right things by her and her music and who she is as an artist. They set out to do a partnership together. “I was supposed to be treated as a partner. “

It got really ugly and they ended up going to court. “We were in court for months…months! And the situation dragged out for a year in a half! When people was like ‘where is the music?’  I couldn’t really do anything. I was under court restrictions and if I did anything I would end up back in court. So there you have it, I could not make any albums, I couldn’t make any music. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t do anything with my music. I couldn’t really make any money period until that situation was settled. “

Was the situation with Trackmasters was settled?:

“This is the reason why you are hearing from me because it is done. It is done 100%. The funny thing is I don’t even have hatred towards them like I use to have because it was all business at the end of the day. As a matter of fact, we’re cool again.”

On going back to television:

She says she’s going to go back to television and movies. She says ‘Dancing With The Stars’ was the best time she’s had in her career.

On her relationship with Scott Storch:

She said her relationship with Scott Storch is done and that she still has all of the gifts Scott bought her. She said “the car situation was something where I could not have anything in my name at the time or put anything new in my name at the time and he bought the car for me cause I was going through my court situation. He had the title for a long time and I had no idea that he wasn’t paying the car note and that he was on drugs. I had no idea. But let me just say this…Scott Storch at the time that were were together he was EXTREMELY, extremely good to me. I appreciate everything that he has done for me and with me. Our relationship wasn’t about materialistic things. Scott and I actually had fun and he’s one of the relationships that I would have probably married Scott on the strength of the fact that he treated me like a Queen.”

He wanted to marry her and have her move in with him but she wasn’t ready to get married. She said she could see him becoming possessive. He would get mad when she didn’t do things he wanted her to do. She said she loved Scott and didn’t understand why she had to prove how much she loved him. Huge fights would break over little stupid stuff.

She said she did reach out to him at one time but he went into a hole.  The people dealing with him couldn’t keep him under control. She said he still has a lot of people around him that he needs to get rid of. He came under so much pressure and drugs was a result of it. She then says he lost mind because he was saying things in interviews that were so untrue. She says she still loves him regardless.

On who’s really in her corner:

“Imma sum it up just like this…You will see now who’s really in my corner. From this day on, from what’s about to happen now with everything that’s going on, with me about to come out with my music, you’re going to see every real person that’s in my corner. My family that I’m with now is my family. I love the family. A lot of people who I thought would be in my corner, wasn’t in my corner.”

On her relationship with Ray J:

“I’m not going to say at that time he wasn’t in my corner. I wasn’t speaking to Ray J that much at that time.” At the very beginning, Ray J was the one who went on stage that started this Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj beef. “This industry just makes people so disloyal. You’re going to see who I rock with and who I don’t rock with.”

On her relationship with Jay-Z:

There were representatives from RocNation that wanted to get Kim but she didn’t sign with them. She said a lot of record companies get nervous when it comes to Lil Kim because they thought they would have to spend a lot of money to make her work. She’s been studying how to make Lil Kim work without using all the major theatrics she use to have.

She says Jay-Z lives in his own world. He didn’t come to visit her but she’s not bitter about it and never was. She said she knows if it was one of them in the same situation, she would have been there. She says she’s never held it against them business-wise because she’s a businesswoman.

On the women in prison:

She said she met a lot of girls in there that she has a lot of love for till this day. She said she met girls in prison that are more friends to her then girls she’s known for years on the street.