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Nicki Minaj wrapped up her London press tour last night.  And it ended the same way the whole trip has been–semi-drama filled.  Pics of Nicki trying to snap pics at Buckingham Palace, but only to get chased away by the Palace Police, when you read on….

UK Hip Hop radio host Tim Westwood had Nicki on his show last night.  And they visited the London Eye and a few other Britishesque sights as Nicki wrapped her London press duties.

*DEAD at this pose* But after sneaking out the side exit of BBC 1 radio because fans were swarming out front, she decided to make an impromptu visit to Buckingham Palace.  Too bad the Buckingham po-pos dont’ play that ish.

Reportedly, she and her entourage were ordered back in their cars by Palace Police as it’s forbidden to stop a vehicle outside the royal estate. Womp.  Nicki later tweeted:

Trying to take a picture by the Buckingham Palace.  Got chased by the police the 1st time but the paps helped us get pics from a different angle of the palace. Lmaoooooooooo. #moment4life”

I can just imagine the wiggery and colors flying everywhere.  EuroBarb’s next stops: Paris press duties today, then back in NYC for “SNL” next Saturday.  More pics of Nicki last night rocking all black with a cute black cropped structured jacket and multi-colored strappy Versace platform stilettos.

I’m surprisingly feelin’ the shoes.