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While other sites speculate, GlobalGrind goes right to the source. An unreliable gossip blog claimed Gabrielle Union was pregnant by boyfriend Dwayne Wade. The nasty website suggested the “Flash Forward” actress had a “gut full of baby Wade” as she gave a heart warming toast to why she loved D-Wade.

So we contacted Gabrielle Union and asked her if she was indeed pregnant and she gave us the exclusive scoop. “No, I am not pregnant and please let the world know I will only be pregnant after I am married, and that will be years from now. I want to play roles that let me wear a bikini and run around like a badass! LOL It’s kinda hard to do all that with a baby bump!”

“When erroneous reports of pregnancy pop up for different actors or artists, that can stop us from getting work…it’s hard enough in this recession trying to find a job without our own people putting up unnecessary roadbloacks for us to feed our families.”

So there you have it, Gabrielle Union is not pregnant, and we sure can’t wait to see her in a bikini!