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There has been an ongoing beef between Trina and Khia for the longest time.

However, the feud got a boost after naked pictures of Trina leaked to the internet. Khia went on a Twitter rampage about the skin condition that was photographed comparing it to turtle shells or something. How clever.


“Trina Nude Pics Leak On The Internet”

Khia Says trina Got That “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle”

There’s enough room for non-talented rappers in the game so Trina and Khia can share the limelight without such a cat fight. Both females are inexplicably explicit and pretty bad, and have the fat that dangles under their chin and in various places, but who do you think is better?

Their best songs:

Khia- My Neck, My Back

Trina-“Single Again”

What about lyrics??

“Who am I

I’m Thug Misses

Motherfucker respect me

Call it just like I see

You gotta respect me

Anywhere you see me

You better respect me

Anywhere that I be

They gonna respect me

Pay me dues off in these streets

Motherfucker respect me

Act a fool out in these streets

That aint gonna restpect me” -Khia “Respect Me


“See, me and my boo’s we got grands to use

with terrible attitudes nigga, who needs you?

Huh, you got your dirty ass feet on my couch

and smokin motherfuckin weed in my house

Is you sick yo?

I want YOU to get him and your dogs,to stop grabbin doornobs, and hustle and rob

or job, get tha fuck out of dodge

You eat me this evenin, you don’t even deserve that

cause I’m a bank roll havin bitch

Mercedes Benz 6- double o having bi*ch, I’m fabulous

and immaculate with nice curves” -Trina “Baddest”

Who is the baddest B?