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Rapper Azealia Banks is one of music’s most troubled personalities. She’s troubled not because of  drug problem or anything like that, but she’s troubled because…

When artists set out to establish their name in the music industry, there’s always a manager or publicist pitching them to blogs and print publications. For Universal Records recording artist, Money Malc, that’s partially true. Money Malc is slowly conquering the game, but doesn’t need to sell you on his talent. He’d rather let the […]

Last week we posted a track from Universal Records signee, Money Malc. We got lots of feedback wanting more information about him. We’ve got more for you. Check this clip of the Jersey native to get a better understanding of who he is. Hit us with your predictions and let us know if he is […]

Kelly has a new management team in place as well, and in her new contract, she's allowed to exert full control over her albums and career.