A 14-year-old boy is currently in critical, but stable, condition after being shot by police on Sunday morning in St. Louis, Missouri.

According to reports, the self-proclaimed King of R&B is in love with a young woman named Halle Calhoun, who is 30 years his junior.

Rickey Smiley gets a letter from a “pissed off father” whose daughter avoids his text messages and phone calls, even though he’s the one who paid for the very phone she’s using! Should he cut off the phone service to send a message, or is that too petty? Listen to the audio player to hear the discussion […]

A millionaire property developer was cleared of criminal charges after he claimed he "accidentally" raped a teenage girl when he "fell" on top of her.

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Huff Post is reporting that the lawyer for a man implicated in the shooting of 19-year-old Renisha McBride believes evidence will show her client’s actions were “justified.” McBride…

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  This story is beyond disturbing and heartbreaking. We aren’t sure what was going on with this girl or why she thought this was a…

  According to Global Grind, individuals marched to the 67th Precinct in East Flatbush to protest the killing of 16 year old  Kimani Grey by Undercover…

Police shot and killed an armed 15-year old. The student was an eighth grader in a Brownsville middle school. The police arrived on the scene at 8:00 a.m. today after they received a call about an individual in possession of a gun at Cummings Middle School. Police officers encountered the armed student in a hallway and shot […]

A 17-year-old boy in China named Zheng wanted an Apple iPad2 so bad he sold his kidney online!