It’s not uncommon for rappers to mention their names in songs, but who knew this many spelled their own names in songs? Take a look at this video of rappers doing this, in a video compilation below created by Slakatory. RELATED POSTS: 5 Rappers Who Should Get Married These Rappers Are Animals! [PHOTOS] SOURCE

Lil B is up to something peculiar this afternoon after the release of his new and controversial track shockingly entitled “I Got AIDS.” Don’t let the title fool you though. We believe the new track is intended based on the artist’s prior releases to build awareness on the rapper’s strong views and startling subjects, but […]

Check out this banger from former Boyz N The Hood member Jody Breeze entitled "Time To Get It Poppin."

Reports have claimed that rapper/dancer Lil Mama has been accused of stealing and trashing clothes from a video shoot.

Fabolous' latest video "Body Ya" off the There Is No Competition 2:Funeral Service mixtape.

Yung Berg must have good luck, cause he manages to stay relevant without an album. Now he has a sex tape out!

This story is just to strange for words!!! Rapper Charles Hamilton who was recently TWO PIECED by Mary G Blige’s step-daughter has decided he wants to rap as a FEMALE!!!!

Back in July, we reported that it seemed Brandy was interested in taking on a new career – rapping. But we hadn’t heard anything since, so we forgot all about it. After all, she was just making cute home videos of herself spitting a few bars. But now she’s taken her skills to the stage.