Occupy Wall Street

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is known around the world for its history of violence and brutality, particularly against underserved communities of color.…

Jay-Z (pictured) has proven himself knowledgable about many things, but apparently the Occupy Wall Street Movement leaves him flabbergasted. In a New York Times magazine…

We might have 99 problems, but the 1-percenters aren’t one. At least according to multi-millionaire business mogul and part-owner of the Brooklyn Nets, Shawn ‘Jay-Z’…

The Occupy Wall Street movement has endured six months of protests against economic disparity, financial greed, and a lack of concern for America’s underprivileged citizens. On St. Patrick’s Day, the movement celebrated its 6-month anniversary in Zuccotti Park, which is where the first Occupy protests began. Many Occupiers recognized their 6-month anniversary protests as “Spring […]

So it looks like Rocawear’s “Occupy All Streets” t-shirts are still up for sale!

Jay-Z has taken the Occupy Wall Street t-shirt drama off his list of 99 problems. Want To Occupy Manhattan? After sporting the “Occupy All Streets” tee in public his company Rocawear came under fire for admitting that no proceeds from the sale of the shirt would go to the movement. Now, according to TMZ, the […]

Jay-Z has designed a t-shirt in support of the Occupy Wall Street protests, but a statement from his Rocawear company has some questioning his intent. Want To Occupy Manhattan? The shirt reads “Occupy All Streets” crossing out the “W” and adding an “S”, a clever play on words and pretty consistent with the style of […]

A marine walking in NYC witnessed police beating unarmed civilians so he began to speak out vocally on how there is no honor in what they are doing. Check it out.

Here is the podcast of an interesting conversation I had about Occupy Wall Street. Some good information was shared and as always the callers made some insightful points. Check it out and share. (Click Here)

Kanye West and Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons made surprise appearances at the Occupy Wall Street protests Monday afternoon. Russell was his usual loquacious self while Kanye practiced his “Magnum” stare into the camera. (spotted at RapRadar) RELATED POSTS: R&B MCs: Singers Who Rap And Rappers Who Sing [PHOTOS] Entertainment’s Most Famous “Bromances” I’m Survivin’: Celebs […]