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From EURweb:

Can you believe that a 28-year old man, identified as Evan Muncie, was able to live for nearly a month under the rubble of the market place where he was found? CNN is reporting that they were getting ready to clean out the area for the buildings’ debris and there he was…in the rubble. The hand of God has to be the only entity holding the life of this young man together.

He said that he saw someone in a white coat bring him water. The doctors that have encountered the young man since the rescue said he shows signs of confusion. He still, after being in a medical facility, thought that he was still underneath the crushing boulders. The only thing that seems possible is that he actually walked into the light, but God brought him back. There is no other way to explain the miracle this man is.

The possibility of a human being living without water for nearly a month is nearly impossible. There’s no way! Sounds like a miracle to me! And we know who is responsible for the miracles. This is an eye opener for him and the world as to what God can do. Check him out here and you assess for yourself:

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